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A Place for hurting people in Sarasota County to hear the message of hope and redemption when times get dark.


A place where new ideas are welcomed and embraced. 


A place that seeks to help churches youth organizations (schools, clubs), businesses, and nonprofit organizations become more effective in reaching out to and impacting hurting peole throughout Sarasota. 

We set-up a camera and asked students to tell us about the Nightlife Center. These are their own words and stories about how the Nightlife Center has impacted their life.


Nightlife Interviews from Nightlife Center on Vimeo.


Nightlife Center- is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, located at 2881 Clark Road, Unit 11 in Sarasota, Florida. It is a youth center catering to all students in Sarasota. Nightlife Center has become a reality thanks to the vision of Reverend Joe Davis and his wife Laura working along with a team of management staff and qualified, gifted volunteers from the community.

Working as a Youth Pastor here in Sarasota, Reverend Joe Davis has seen two things that Nightlife is designed to address.  One is the fact that students here have always expressed that there is "nothing to do" in Sarasota.  The other is the effects adolescent substance abuse that has plagued Sarasota for years. Adolescent substance abuse in our community has risen to crisis levels.  He has a dream to reach beyond what he alone can do.  Nightlife has become a collaborative effort with schools, churches, businesses, and individuals who recognize the need, and want to be a part of this innovative movement in our community.

While Nightlife is a Christian based organization, young peole of all backgrounds and faiths know they are welcome.  Through a wide variety of programs and events, Nightlife has become a destination for all young people in Sarasota for fun, fellowship, instruction, and help in difficult times.  They come to Nightlife by recommendation of friends, teachers, clergy or youth workers.  It is also a destination for students to come for help when times get tough.