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Support Us

Nightlife Center is a Division of MobilePreacher.org

If you are interested in learning more about Nightlife Center, please call us to schedule a personal visit. 941.586.3911

Financial support to maintain the facility and the numerous programs offered at Nightlife is primarily from Grants and Donations from our Business Partners in the Community and generous private donors.

In order to supplement the funds received and create jobs for the community, the Nightlife Center has taken a pro-active approach and has created income-producing programs:

Privacy Policy- Any information given will be kept strictly confidential.  Your information will not be shared or disseminated to any other individuals or organizations.

Refunds- If you need a refund of a recent donation or need to cancel a transaction, you can call us at 941-586-3911 or email us at mobilepreacher@gmail.com.  We will get back with you promptly.